Jasleen Grewal Bioinformatics researcher, PhD Butter-fingered millennial living out the pandemic in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Looking for roles in machine learning, precision oncology, or science education.
I have taught various bioinformatics tutorials covering basic usage of R, ggplot2, and DeSeq2 (if you know you know). These materials are developed for the time of presentation, and are not routinely updated unless I am presenting them again. If you find any bugs or questionable content, feel free to reach out! I welcome constructive criticism and feedback.


All material is CC-BY licensed unless otherwise indicated, which means you are free to use and adopt the lessons as per your needs. I would appreciate being referenced if you use my materials, but that is by no means binding.

Accessing the materials

Bioinformatics tutorials that I have developed and taught can be found here.

I have also developed teaching material for graduate-level bioinformatics seminars and statistics for high-dimensional biology. If you are interested in these, please send me an email.

In the past I have also given presentations about general themes that emerge when working in precision oncology. These slides are not all online, but I am happy to share these with you if you reach out to me. They cover topics such as introductory machine learning for non-practitioners, getting started wi th Git, and how to read a scientific article.

Are you able to present this stuff again?

I would love to! If you are interested in having me present any of this content or any modification/extension of it to your group of students or bioinformatics practitioners, feel free to reach out.